Bespoke Suits

Our fully hand stitched suits are what a true bespoke suit is meant to be.

Offering the finest in construction, with a full floating canvass, basted fitting and detailed hand finishing, this is the suit that every man wants.

Our most skilled tailors are recruited into our fully hand stitched division to deliver the best in hand tailoring and custom made suits.


Half Handmade Suits

Our half hand stitched suits offer an entry into the world of luxury bespoke tailoring.

Rather than being made on a production line our half hand stitched suits are made by highly skilled coat makers.

They will stitch, finish and press the suit with your body shape in mind, resulting in a cleaner looking and better fitting garment.


Machine Made Suits

Our machine stitched suits combine quality and value for money.

Many customers will see this as a made-to-measure suit but we do so much more that calling it that would not be fair!

We cut a unique paper pattern for all of our machine stitched customers, to ensure we deliver a great fitting suit.